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If interested please fill out a City of Parker employment application and email it to thank you.





The City of Parker Code Enforcement Officer is hired by the City Clerk. The Code Enforcement Officer Reports to the City Clerk and Mayor. The Code Enforcement Officer is an important position and is entrusted with numerous duties dictated by State law and local ordinance. The Code Enforcement Officer is dedicated to serving the community in a professional, ethical, impartial, and equitable manner with integrity and professionalism.



The Code Enforcement Officer performs numerous job functions including, but not limited to enforcement of the City of Parker Code and Ordinances, the Land Development Regulations (LDR), and  the  Florida  Statutes.  The job requires  administrative  functions  and  field  work.  The  City Clerk supervises the Code Enforcement Officer.



        Receives and investigates complaints of possible code violations.

        Works with property owners to educate and bring properties into compliance with City Codes and Land Development Regulations.

        Maintains accurate records of all Code Enforcement cases.

        Types correspondences, reports, and other written material.

        Addresses envelopes or prepares envelope labels.

        Files and stores completed documents on computer hard drive or disk and maintains a computer filling system.

        Operates spreadsheet programs and other types of software to load and manipulate data and produce reports.

        Provides administrative assistance to the Mayor.

        Follows state public records request policy and responds to  all requests accordingly in a timely manner.

        Records information such as code complaints, code violations, liens, and actions taken.

        Attends meetings.

        Attends Council Meetings when requested.

        Monitors the Code Enforcement City Budget.

        Works with the City Attorney for any legal matters.

        Initiates and prepares for hearings before Special Magistrate.

        Provides information to City Clerk for Council Meetings as needed.

        Operates office equipment such as computers, copier, etc.

        Maintains a customer service approach, with ability to solve problems quickly and effectively.



Thorough knowledge of ordinances, Land Development Regulations (LDR), policies, and procedures of the City. Considerable knowledge of the organization, function and activities of a municipal government and overall governmental administration. Knowledge of office methods, procedures, and equipment. Ability to plan and supervise the work of clerical subordinates. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with city officials, employees, and the public.



             Professional, patient telephone manner.

             Strong oral and written communication skills.

             Ability to establish and maintain a working relationship with co- workers.

             Knowledge of and experience with Windows and MS Word. Excel, Power Point and other software programs.

             Ability to enter data accurately and completely.

             Ability to follow established protocols and procedures.

             Ability to solve work related problems as they arise.

             Effective prioritizing of tasks with competing demands.

             Knowledge of record keeping such as logs, files, etc.

             Knowledge of general office practices.

             Ability to understand and carry out instructions.

             Ability to operate standard office equipment such as calculators, adding machines, copy machines, etc.

             Ability to alphabetize, numerically rank, sort, and batch documents.

             Knowledge of structure and content of the English language, including meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.

             Ability to remain calm under pressure.

             Knowledge of laws, legal codes, and civil court procedures.

             The ability to communicate information and ideas in speaking and writing so others will understand.

             Ability to provide information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, email or in person.

             Able to provide day-to-day administrative task and assignments.







Must possess a valid Florida Operator's Driver License, and must pass the required background check and drug examination. Must possess a Florida Association of Code Enforcement Certification Level 1 or an Associate Degree in a government related occupation. A comparable amount of training or experience may be substituted for the minimum qualifications.



 Fire Chief

OBJECTIVE: This position is a liaison between the City of Parker and the Parker Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. This position involves the supervision of three (3) firefighters and the ability to communicate effectively. This position requires the individual to be able to make on the spot, split second, and independent decisions.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The essential functions, or duties listed below are illustrations of various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar related, or a logical assignment to the position.
•Organizes, directs, prioritizes, administers, and coordinates the fire and emergency response services for the City; ensures effective and efficient provision of emergency and non-emergency services.
•Directs daily management and administration of the Fire Department, including the administration of personnel matters, dealing with labor/management concerns, post-incident evaluation and analysis and preparation and execution of the budget.
•Exercises command of firefighters and firefighting resources and operations at major or special fire emergency incidents; observes the performances of personnel at emergency scenes.
•Engages in short and long-term planning, including annual update of the capital improvement plan; prepares reports, grant applications and other documents.
•Devises annual training plan for departmental personnel incorporating initial training needs, special training needs, recertification requirements, and required emergency medical training.
•Works with City elected officials; makes public presentations; keeps the Mayor and other elected officials informed of fire and rescue related needs and activities.
•Must be able to operate standard office equipment, fire rescue equipment, medical equipment, automobile, and a firetruck and is required to wear protective clothing at emergency scenes.•Must be able to have ongoing contact with other City Departments (City Hall, Public Works Department, Police Department, Code Enforcement and Accounting), other outside agencies, vendors, and the public.
•Must have Haz-Mat Level 2 certification.•Must have attended the Florida State Fire Standards and received a degree in Fire Compliance.
•Maintains all fire equipment in the Fire Station that is property of the City of Parker.•Follows all guidelines for Fire Safety laid out in the N.F.P.A. 1500 Life Safety Code.
•Must be state certified as a First Responder.
• Whenever possible, leads all fire attacks.
• Must be C.P.R. certified.
• Conducts annual pressure checks on all hoses in the fire station and documents any deficiency.
• Must have I-100, I-200, I-300, I-400, and I-700 certificates.
• Reviews new types of firefighting tools and equipment and recommends to the City of Parker new purchases.
• Serves as the City of Parker Safety Officer.
• Must be able to distinguish arson from accidental fire and assist the State Fire Marshal in identifying.
• Deals with all citizens and employees with diplomacy and tact.
QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: To perform this position, and employee must have a degree in Fire Compliance. Must have five (5) years interior firefighting experience and be a certified Florida Fire Fighter. Must be able to perform rescue in confined space. Must be able to lift up to 240 lbs. and be exposed to high levels of heat frequently. Must be able to drive a fire truck and operate all equipment on the truck. Employee must have a working knowledge of any aspects of the fire service and an extensive experience in all areas of fire suppression.

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The Police and Fire Departments have been very helpful in responding to my calls over and over to help with my husband who was becoming more prone to falling in the last month. Thank you for you and your entire staff sincerely!

~ Cheryl Fallon, City of Parker


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The City of Parker supports Equal Housing and Equal Employment Opportunities. The City of Parker is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, age, disability or citizenship.

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